Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Texture Tuesday

Kim klassens 'Texture Tuesday'

This weeks challenge is to use at least one Kim Klassen texture and the image should centre around the colour White.
So where's the White in my image you may ask........
Weeeeeeell if you look reeeeeeeal close Huntly has a sweet White arrow on his chest!
That's it, that's all I got!
But it is the ONLY White bit on him so it kinda fits the spec yes? 

 Great Dane, Merle Great Dane, Male Great Dane, Great Dane dog, Black & Grey great dane

Gorgeous aint he!
Meet Huntly, my Great Dane boy and bestest friend in the world (other than hubby of course!).
He's 3 years old and has a typical Great Dane character - lots of slobber! Plus he carries his teddy bear everywhere - so darned cute!

I used a KK texture with this photo and then created a layer mask and erased out the texture on Huntly - that's it!
Oh and added a border.

Thank you to Kim Klassen for hosting Texture Tuesday, if you guys head on over to her website you can see other participants and even have a go yourself!

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aenee said...

I love your boy Hunter :) but no slobber ?? :))i love their white chest spot ! they are the best indeed , slobber and all :)
Xziva is almost 3 !!!


Deb said...

He is gorgeous ♥

Pat said...

He's so cute! I love his markings.

Anne said...

What a sweetie!!!

Sharon said...

What a beauty of a dog! And yes, I see that white!

Alecia @ ChickenScratch NY said...

He's gorgeous! I remember when I worked at a pet store the Great Danes were always the best, most well behave dogs. I always laughed when they sat down and put their heads on the counter!

Molly said...

Beautiful! We're owners of two Danes, and they're seriously the BEST dogs ever! I think more folks would own them despite their size if they realized how gentle they are. Your boy is very handsome, thanks for sharing the pic!

Tom Stewart said...

Now that's what I call a DOG!
My Sister had one when we lived in Iowa. They had three Green Houses that the Dane loved to rub his back on the Fan housing.
Now we are talking about a 60 X 120 foot Green House and he would make the whole thing shake!
Too funny!