Thursday, 16 February 2012

Texture Tuesday

Texture Tuesday.

OK so this weeks 'Texture Tuesday' challenge from Kim Klassen must include one of her textures and should be centred around the theme of happiness.

My entry this week is of a Rose my sister bought for my mum one mothers day. I have fond memories of these Roses because I had just got my first DSLR and I wanted to test it out.
As this was also one of the first times I had used anything other than a point and shoot I was a bit OTT with the water droplets - too eager and heavy handed.
In fact this poor Rose was drenched during my first attempts and had to survive much shaking to dry it out a bit - patience is a virtue I do not possess, no way was the Rose going to dry out naturally.
Happy times!

Rose, Cream Rose, Rose head, Rose photo, Rose image

Edited in CS5 using 2 of Kim Klassens textures set to multiply and soft light and the opacitys adjusted. 
Hard to see the textures I know but they are there - they looked more obvious in CS5 than they do here for some reason.


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Cheryl Flatt said...

Your story of being OTT with the water droplets is fun. Lovely image!

Peg said...

Lovely, Lovely rose.

LindaDeal said...

Such a beautiful rose. Actually, your textures have just the right touch. I like your OTT story. It's good to know I'm not the only one who gets a bit carried away when working for a good photograph.