Thursday, 2 February 2012

Colour splash

I think I may have a new crafting addiction - like I need another one of those lol.
I was checking out the blogs I follow today and happened across Rosie of 'Leavesnbloom photography's    'Colour splash tutorial' for her Colour splash weekly challenge.
I kind of just glanced at it the other day and figured  it was probably beyond my capabilities, even with Rosies brilliant tutorial.
Today however I thought I'd give it a go and I have to say I'm quite chuffed with the results - they're not brilliant, but for a first attempt surely this can only get easier and better?

Here's my colour splash palette

 geranium, colour splash, tutorial, edited image, pink

How darned cute is that and who'da thought these things were so easy to do!

I basically just followed Rosies tutorial for this.
I did  download some watercolour brushes from 'here(I used the 'watercolour splatters') and the rest I did exactly as Rosies tutorial and all of it in CS5.
The whole file size thing goes over my head so I simply made my new file size the same size as the image I wanted to use but added an extra couple of inches to the width for the splashes. I'm sure that's probably not the correct way to do these things but hey, it worked!
Seriously once I'd read Rosies instructions and had downloaded the brushes (which were free by the way) the whole thing took me maybe 15 minutes. Obviously you can spend much much longer and fiddle and faff to your hearts content but I just wanted to see what a basic colour splash would look like.
Loving it!

What do you think? Have you done any of these and have some handy hints for those stunning finishes?
Thanks for looking.



leavesnbloom said...

Yeah I am so glad you joined :)

Seriously for a first attempt this is just fantastic and the colour palette has got some lovely soft shades.

Liz said...

this is nice

Liz said...

this is nice

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

Very cute!

Saw you on Roeshel's/The DIY Showoff's new Linky Followers list and am now following you too ...

(I already followed you on GFC) ...