Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Editme Challenge Wk6

This weeks fabulous image for editing and judge for this week is Selena from 'Stoneyville' and 'Selena stoney Photography'.
Selena has recently started her own photography business and judging by the images on her site I have no doubt how well this lady is going to do. Go on take a look, you'll not regret it.

This is Selenas SOOC:

Gorgeous ain't it.
Here's my edit:

Here's what I did:
  • Opened the image in CS5.
  • Used a warm filter to help give an early summer evening feel.
  • Cloned out the funky green flare on the sleeve.
  • Added Kim Klassens Organic texture and set to multiply.
  • Added Kim Klassens Simplicity texture and set to multiply.
  • Added Kim Klassens Revolution texture and set to multiply.
  • Played with opacity and fill on each layer.
  • Added text.
  • Added a Black, White and then Black border.
  • Opened curves to deepen the grooms coat colour as the textures had made it look grungy.
  • Done.
I really enjoyed playing with this edit and it's original state was fabulous already. I didn't do any cropping as I didn't feel it needed it so I basically got to just play and see what works.

Thank you to Selena for giving us this fabulous edit and Thank you to Branson and Sarah for hosting this challenge - I love it.

So if you guys would like to have a go or want to check out the other edits then head on over to the EditMe challenge page and don't forget to check out Selenas wonderful blog too.

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