Sunday, 17 June 2012

Letter to your 13 yr old self

I've seen this on a few blogs lately and thought it would be fun to join in with.
The idea is to write a letter to your 13yr old self with all the wisdom that your advancing years have to offer.

What would you write? What would you warn yourself about?

Here's mine!

Dear Linda,

Life is going to throw you Lemons - a whole heap of em! You can choose to spend years chewing on them with all the avarice of a sour faced Bulldog or you can plant the pip, grow a tree and discard the bitter remains.
To warn you of what is to come would be to change the person you become because of it. I'm still unsure whether that would be a good thing or a bad thing however there are a few situations where you could do with a heads up.
Despite what you feel right now your parents DO love you and you ARE worth something. 
Your soul mate is but 5 years away!
Try to apply yourself at least a teensy bit more at school, forget those hurtful remarks from adolescent young boys - one of which will apologise to you later in life and is going through the same shit you are!
Chocolate is not your friend!
Help mum more, She's going through crap and feels isolated and alone.
Work your shit out with dad. He is what he is but he does love you. When he reaches out to you to rebuild a relationship take his hand. This may very well prevent your younger sister from having to identify his swollen body and could prevent years of regret on your part.
Talk Pat out of going on the cruise ship in December 1989.
Be aware of 'The Black Dog' - you will not understand that right now but he's already there at your heels.
That's all the warnings you get because the rest is for you to work out as life drags you along.

On a good note, your life is full of love, travel, hard times, good times, friends that come and go and a couple that stay forever.

Live your life and trust your instincts always.


Friday, 15 June 2012

Wooden upright Tlight holders

It's been a while since I've actually posted on here hasn't it!

I'm still working on a few projects and they're slow to finish because I'm having to do them in between gardening (we have ALOT of garden), housework, making cards (seem to be a lot needed this year) and life in general.

The TLight holders I made in my last post gave me the idea to make another set for the bathroom. I used the same materials - scrap fence posts - and had to give them a really good sand down as they were in really bad shape.
Then I just cut them into 3 different sizes and used my Forstner bit to drill a hole in the end of each one to hold the Tlight.
I found these ones really hard to drill into though hence why the Tlights don't sit in as deep as the previous one I made for the table. I think it's because I was going into the end grain of some seriously hard wood and maybe because I had to use my Dewalt drill to do it. I could have waited and asked hubby where the decent power drill was but I'm too impatient for that.
Hubby has suggested that 2 more taller ones would look even better added to these 3 because they look a little lost on the bathroom floor as is so I guess I'll have to find that power drill after all.
Once the holes were drilled I just gave them a coat of Medium Oak wood dye followed by a coat of satin clear varnish and voila!

wooden holder, Tea light holder, tlight holder, wooden tlight holder, scrap wood holder

So easy to make and means I can finally burn my Yankee Candle Tlights in the bathroom.