Friday, 15 June 2012

Wooden upright Tlight holders

It's been a while since I've actually posted on here hasn't it!

I'm still working on a few projects and they're slow to finish because I'm having to do them in between gardening (we have ALOT of garden), housework, making cards (seem to be a lot needed this year) and life in general.

The TLight holders I made in my last post gave me the idea to make another set for the bathroom. I used the same materials - scrap fence posts - and had to give them a really good sand down as they were in really bad shape.
Then I just cut them into 3 different sizes and used my Forstner bit to drill a hole in the end of each one to hold the Tlight.
I found these ones really hard to drill into though hence why the Tlights don't sit in as deep as the previous one I made for the table. I think it's because I was going into the end grain of some seriously hard wood and maybe because I had to use my Dewalt drill to do it. I could have waited and asked hubby where the decent power drill was but I'm too impatient for that.
Hubby has suggested that 2 more taller ones would look even better added to these 3 because they look a little lost on the bathroom floor as is so I guess I'll have to find that power drill after all.
Once the holes were drilled I just gave them a coat of Medium Oak wood dye followed by a coat of satin clear varnish and voila!

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So easy to make and means I can finally burn my Yankee Candle Tlights in the bathroom.

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