Friday, 24 February 2012

Scrap wood plant labels

It has dawned on me just how many plant labels I use, whether it be in the garden,  in the veg plot or in  the polytunnel.
For the most part I'm happy to use my 'recycled milk container labels' as they're durable and can be wiped clean to use over and over again.
But what if you need something a bit more fancy for say, pots? or the front of the border? Somewhere  plastic just isn't going to do anything for the aesthetic appeal of the blooms you're trying to showcase.

Well how about these:
 wooden plant labels, scrapwood plant labels, plant pot labels
Labelled in photoshop just to show what they can look like.

These are very easy to make from scrap wood so cost nothing more than your time and they look pretty darned good in those pots you've spent time and energy on with planting design.

Quite simply you cut the desired length of stake, cut one end into a 'V' point and cut  a 45degree angle  across the width of the other end, this is for a more pleasing visual angle once the top is attached and the plant name is written on.
A smaller piece is then nailed onto the angled end of the stake and voila!

plant pot labels, wooden labels, wood garden labels

wood garden labels, wooden plant labels, diy garden stakes

Once you have used a permanent marker to label the labels you should then give the whole thing  a coat of sealant or exterior grade varnish. If you need to change the plant name on it at anytime you can sand it down and start again.
Cheap and easy!

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