Monday, 6 February 2012

Texture Tuesday

I enjoyed Kim Klassens 'Texture Tuesday' last week so much that I've been itching to give it another go this week.
I'm still new to this texture stuff though and I just couldn't get the effect I wanted on the original image I wanted to use so I kinda had to make it easier for myself and use an easier image - boo me!
Here's the SOOC

 pampas grass, photo edit, Kim Klassen texture, Texture Tuesday

OK when I say SOOC I kinda mean SOOC plus a colour boost, a frame and a watermark - I actually can't find the SOOC because that's how organised I am and I'm thinking I may actually have deleted it - oops!
Now here's my texture edit:

 texture tuesday, kim klassens texture tuesday, pampas grass, photo edit

I added the textures through CS5 and the textures I used were Kim Klassens Organic, KK Musiclovin and KK Simplicity and then I did the most professional thing ever and ............played!
I can't remember what I did to each layer but I basically had the 3 layers set on different effects i.e one was on multiply, one on colour burn and one on........................ see, told you I couldn't remember.
Anyways, after that I just fiddled with opacity and fill on each layer until I got what I wanted and Voila! Done!
Not everyone's cup o tea but each to their own and all that! I personally love the sepia oldie misty kind of groove it's got going on now, hope you do too.

Now, why not head on over to Kim Klassens blog and have a little go yourself or just head on over and check out all the other cool edits?
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Marie Grady Palcic said...

love the picture, it is transformed! nice job!

Kaylene said...

The transformation has left you with a great image.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

This began as a gorgeous image, Linda, but your editing made it even more so. Great work! :)

Cheryl Flatt said...

Your processing made this just stunning! Playing is so much fun!

Mimi said...

This is really beautiful! Great job!

Angela - Postcards from the Ridge said...

Wow, nice job. A great picture became an amazing one! I'm heading over to that blog now.

Light Trigger said...

wow, I really like what you did in this photo!!!

Light Trigger