Monday, 6 February 2012

More colour and splashes.

So there I am editing photographs so that I can upload some of the projects I've been tinkering with and share them with all you guys and what happens?
I open an image to test out how some Photoshop brushes I uploaded might go with a colour splash and I end up getting so engrossed in it that nothing else gets done - typical! Although I did play around on Pinterest for a while, it's kinda addictive!

So what's a colour splash you may ask.
Well until last week I had no idea either, figured it must be splashes of tester colours stuck all over a wall or something but no it's way more groovy than that.
'Leavesnbloom studio' introduced me to this satisfying photo playabout and basically you open a photo in your image editing software, colour pick a colour and then stamp it using a groovy brush onto a sideboard or any other area you choose. It makes for a very pretty image.
Now I'm new to this so you'll have to forgive the lack of imagination (I'm a straight line kinda gal) but if you check out Rosies blog you'll see loads of imaginative ways of going with this.
You can see my attempt last week 'here'.
Anyway here's my colour splash:

Nifty huh? And there are soooooo many ways you can go with this.
All this was done in CS5 but I think you can do it in pretty  much any editing software.
The brushes I downloaded FREE from 'here'.


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