Thursday, 23 February 2012

EditMe wk8

EditMe Wk8

This weeks image to edit is courtesy of Bree from 'His honey and her mommy'.

Gorgeous ain't it! Such an angelic looking little girl.

Here's my edit:

  • Opened in CS5.
  • Cropped the image slightly. 
  • Then I erm used various 'Coffeeshop' actions (as much as I would like to tell you exactly what I did I can't because I just kept playing with actions, deleting them and then fiddling over and over until I got what I wanted - makes a change huh!)
  • Once I'd done all that I decided this little girl needed to be looking at something because she does look as though something has caughter her eye! Now, I ain't the best Photoshopper in the world and instead of doing what most 'normal' people would do and incorporating a photo of a butterfly I stamped a butterfly!!!! Bizarre huh! Yes I know it looks ridiculously unrealistic and compared to the lovely fairy wings that Squishydoo photography added to her amazing edit it does look a tad........ok alot fake? out of place? but I like it anyway!
Thank you to Bree for submitting the photo and for judging this week.
Thank you also to Branson for hosting this fabulous EditMe challenge.
And Thank you also to all you guys for reading (or at least staying) this far. If you want to edit the image yourself then head on over to the EditMe website and have at it!

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