Wednesday, 15 February 2012

EditMe Challenge Wk7

EditMe Challenge Wk7

This weeks amazing image is of a "scottish castle on a frosty morning at sunrise with the sheep huddled up around the old stone walls"... and was taken by Rosie of  'LeavesnBloom studio'.
I'm sure you'll agree is a lovely image and if you head on over to Rosies equally fabulous site not only will you find a very productive blog but there is also the popular 'ColourMe weekly' challenge to take part in, tutorials and Freebies - and we all love a freebie - so check it out, you'll love it!

So here is Rosies SOOC

I was having so much fun with the image this week that i actually did two edits.
Here's the first one and my entry for this weeks challenge:

Steps taken (as accurate as I can remember anyways)
  • Opened in CS5
  • Cropped slightly.
  • Converted to Sepia.
  • Adjusted highlights shadows slightly.
  • Added a 'Kim Klassen' texture and set to multiply.
  • Added another 'Kim Klassen' texture set to soft light.
  • Twiddled the opacity and fills on each layer a little.
  • Over sharpened it to add some grain.
  • Flattened the image.
  • Added a Black/White/Black border.
That's the first one but I've just noticed I didn't add the first texture correctly and the postage stamp is subsequently warped. Oops!

Second edit:

Steps again:
  • Opened in CS5 (getting bored of CS5 now)
  • Cropped the image slightly.
  • Opened HDR and basically played until I boosted the colours as much as I dared.
  • Adjusted shadows and highlights a little.
  • Added a White/Black border.
  • Flattened image.

I really enjoyed playing with this image, thank you Rosie.
Thank you also to Branson for hosting this awesome challenge, another fabulous image.

Thanks also to you guys for staying this far. If you fancy having a go at the EditMe challenge then click 'here' or if you want to head straight on over to Rosies awesome blog click 'here'.


Rosie@leavesnbloom said...

Oh you did this so well on both edits and just I knew that this photo had lots of potential for editing. You've really brought out the detail in the stonework.

If you're getting bored of cs5 get some topaz labs plugins for cs5.........they are such great fun to use.

Amanda said...

I love both your edits!! Beautiful!

Pam Bowers said...

I love the postcard!!! Great edit.

k*handtke said...

Like the Sepia postcard interpretation of the castle! Inventive!

Amy said...

Really LOVE these

Kaylene said...

Great imagination, lovely edits

Barbara said...

I love that old postcard look - so imaginative.

Kathy said...

Wow...great editing. I love how you made the first one look like a vintage post card.


Branson said...

I enjoyed both edits, but the one you chose to enter is my favorite! It is creative, and really fits this image :)

Anonymous said...

Awsome editing. LOVE the vintage post card :-D

Kirsten- The Foreign Domestic said...

I love both edits, but I think the vintage postcard is my favorite! Amazing!!!

Fotoplicity said...

What lovely edits!

Daogreer Earth Works said...

I LOVE your first edit!

Mirka said...

Both edits are wonderful, but the first one is absolutely creative!

Cathy said...

i like both edits : ) i like the historical feel of the first one with the sepia tones and the postcard texture, and the second one for the deep, rich colors of the castle brick. nice job!

Jeanne said...

Very nice in this sepia effect and what a great texture with it

Diane said...

Wow! truly amazing edit. You have talent.