Friday, 10 February 2012

Linky Follower Blog Hop

Linky Follower Blog Hop

So I guess we've all pretty much heard about the dissappearance of Google Friend Connect pretty soon and while it won't affect Blogger or Blogspot (for now) I've decided to join up with Linky Friends anyway. Why??? Haven't a clue to be honest, it just seems like the best thing to do - keeping options open and all that!
So you'll find my Linky Friend connect in the bar on the right and I'd appreciate you taking a few minutes to join up and follow.

Now on to the Blog Hop - Or like me do you not know what a Blog Hop is? Well apparantly it is a Linky List that is shared on multiple blogs. because when we all post the linky list code to our blog the exact same list appears on each one. How cool!

Join up to Linky friends and grab the list code here:


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