Monday, 13 February 2012

ColourMe weekly #6

Leavesnbloom ColourMe weekly #6.

I am fortunate enough to live by the coast and while this location may be in the very Highlands of Scotland (hardly tropical weather conditions) the scenery and especially the Flora & Fauna can be stunning.
Birds of prey can be seen everywhere and we have Buzzards, Goshawks & Tawny owls all in the woodland to the boundary of our land.
But one of the most amazing sights is the seal pups that inhabit the coves twice a year while they prepare for their life in the ocean.
A few years ago we were lucky enough to come across a seal colony only a few miles away and the opportunity for fabulous shots just couldn't be ignored - despite the freezing weather conditions as it was November.
As long as you respect the fact that these are wild animals and keep a suitable distance they can be pretty accommodating and it's one of these images that I chose to link up with Rosies Colour Splash wk.

This guy was pretty happy to photographed from a distance but I made sure that mum was nowhere closeby beforehand as these cute looking mammals can be amazingly vicious if the need arises.
This little guy was made for posing though. I guess he knew we were no threat and he just stayed put, gave me some fab shots and then fell asleep.

Thank you for looking, hope you enjoy the image. Feel free to leave a comment, I love getting them and always respond if a return email address is available.

Thank you also to Rosie, I'm really enjoying these Coloursplash weeks.

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