Monday, 20 February 2012

ColourMe weekly #8

Originally I wanted to use a photo of my last Great Dane for this weeks ColourMe but no matter how long I spent on the image it just didn't look right so I gave up and went back to floral images - but at least this one has a thorn to it.

 Gorse bush, Whins, Scottish gorse, Gorse flower

This photo was taken recently and believe me it wasn't an easy flower to get an image of.
You see those thorns? Well they're about 2" long and the entire plant is massed with them and just for good measure those thorns will pierce any amount of clothing layers you can throw at it, I've tried!
The plant is a Gorse bush and our land is plastered with them, apparently the founder of our village planted them on his 'plantation' land to feed the cattle in the winter - youch!
I'll admit that Gorse (or Whins as they are known locally) have a beautiful flower with the most lovely scent plus  the seed pods make a funny popping noise when they burst, BUT it's as invasive as the ruddy Triffids and a nightmare to get rid of.
After years of cutting down and burning the stuff we are left with brand spanking new fresh bushes that will grow to a height of 7ft within a few years.
Now we have to get down and dirty if I want pasture land for a horse and we're going to have to Grazon 90 the whole lot, plough it, seed it and constantly mow it until it gives up.
Problem is, this plant seeds prolifically and seedlings are popping up all over the place....... in abundance.

I'm posting this on the ColourMe weekly over at 'Leavesnbloom Studio', why not mosey on over and check out the other entrants.

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