Thursday, 1 March 2012

EditMe wk9

This weeks image to edit has been submitted by Stephanie of 'Behind the camera and dreaming'.
This is a beautiful image of her gorgeous boy - Jonah.

and here's my edit:

  • Opened in CS5
  • Ran a couple of Coffeeshop actions.
  • Added a warming filter.
  • Tight cropped.
  • Boosted the colours.
  • Reduced the brightness of the sky a tad.
  • Boosted the eye colour a tad.
I really enjoyed playing with this image even though I still didn't achieve the look I was going for.

Thank you to Stephanie for submitting the image and judging.
Thank you to Branson of 'My Reflection of Something' for hosting this brilliant challenge every week.
Thank you also to you guys for reading my blog. If this has inspired you to join in this challenge then head on over to the EditMe website and have a blast!


Sarah said...

I really like how you reduced the brightness of the sky. It really helped to have him stand out. Great job as always, Linda!!

stephanie slater clark said...

Great edit Linda! Thanks so much for participating this week! =)

Diane said...

Hi Linda - even though the edit wasn't what you were going for, it's really good! - Diane

Kaylene said...

Bravo a great edit

Amanda said...

Love your edit! I really love the more natural skin tones that you achived!! Beautiful!!

k*handtke said...

I, too, noticed the great capture of the natural skin tones. Great!

Branson said...

I love your edit! It is warm and lovely, and the focus is entirely on Jonah! Wonderful!