Friday, 16 March 2012

ColourMe weekly #11

Photogaphy ebook Giveaway winner*

The winner, picked at random, for the fabulous ebook 'The key to taking pictures like a professional photographer' iiiiiiiiisss.................

Lyndsey. Well done Lyndsey, if you could contact me with your full email address I will get the ebook straight to you.

Don't forget though peeps, if you head on over to Katies website you can purchase the ebook or the hard copy and get a 20% discount using the code 'coachhouse'.

Thank you to all of those that took part in the Giveaway, I wish I could offer you all a copy.


Wow, I almost missed it this week. I've not done much blogging over the last few days, not really sure why, I guess I'm having a Blah to blogging week.

This image is of a Camelia I have blooming away in my polytunnel.
I took the picture over the last couple of days - I must remember to get some of the entire shrub as it is absolutely smothered in blooms - for the first time I might add.
Such a shame it has to sit away in the polytunnel  where I'm the only one that gets to see it but Sadly it won't survive the salt laden sea winds we get here and I lost the last one  so I ain't risking this one.

I'm quite suprised by how many colours I managed to pick out of this Camelia. I figured there'd be one or two tones of Cream only - who knew!
One day  I'll have to learn how to make all those little colour boxes the same size, at the moment I'm having to create each individual colour box with the rectangle tool and then grab the colour with the eyedropper tool and fill it in with the paintbucket tool - soooooooo tedious!

I'm linking this one over at Rosies 'Leavesnbloom studio' as always and would like to thank her for hosting and hope she has a speedy recovery soon.

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