Monday, 26 March 2012

Garden Planter & sewing table

Wow, have we had some scorching weather this week!
It's pretty darned unheard of for us to be hitting the 20's at this time of year, especially living smack next to the coast. What's been even nicer is that we have had no wind here either, maybe a little breeze every now and again but nothing really.
But in good old UK tradition the weatherman talked of snow by the beginning of April!!!

Anyway, I thought I'd show y'all a couple of my latest projects.
This is my new from old sewing table

It looks better in person honestly!
The room it's in isn't finished yet. It's an office slash craft room and isn't on our list of priorities at the moment - it still needs skirting, painted walls, curtains, pretty much everything really.
I'd hoped to add a bit of colour in this room and have been hankering over Duck Egg but hubby happened to mention he hated the colour and seeing as the Office is his part of the room then I spose I better take his opinions into account - see how nice I can be!
Then I decided on Sage instead. Sage! A weird choice I know but as I was dithering about the perfect colour I happened to notice a photo frame in a Buffy the vampire slayer re-run. It was Sage and I thought it was gorgeous!
Yes I did just admit to watching Buffy re-runs! I watch Angel too - is that just sad?
However, at the store buying the paint (my only purchase for the table) my daughter hated my choice in colour and she and my hubby insisted 'Morrocan red' would be the perfect colour to warm the room. So I gave in..................and hate it!
The drawers are a set that was gonna be thrown out so I grabbed them and the table top is lengths of wood I have stashed away in my Polytunnel (to dry out) so other than the paint this project cost me nothing.
You'll notice the lack of drawers handles. The old ones were awful and I can't find some I like that don't cost the earth so until I do find some.................................

Next is my latest garden planter

Excuse the garish green surround but the garden is a mess at the moment and if I'd left the image as was then you're eyes would have been drawn entirely to the mess surrounding the planter.
This planter was made completely from scrap wood I had around the place and the legs have lead coverings top and bottom to prevent rotting. I pinched borrowed the lead from hubby who always have some laying around and then pinched borrowed his lead cutters to cut the stuff to fit - not easy!
Anyway I build these things adhoc and have no clue as to what I intend to put in them. This one will house a Rhus tree (staghorns sumach) but it's only a tiddly sapling that I grew from seed a couple of years ago so I've chucked in a few Peacock Orchid bulbs and heuchera plants to give it some Oomph until the tree looks, well, like a tree!

And because the last few days have been so lovely I snapped away at a couple of the Spring bulbs shooting up

While Daffs are not necessarily my most favourite of Spring flowers I do love their scent and  I love that they brighten up a room, though I do feel terrible for picking them - I guess that comes from being told off for picking them as a kid!

Muscari, how beautiful! These are bulbs that are planted in a tub containing a Fig. Lovely scent!

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Heidi said...

I love your sewing table and the wonderful garden box. You are a great designer and I look forward to your next up-cycling adventure.

Rosie@leavesnbloom said...

Great bit of crafting Linda and I think you'll need to line that planter with lead as those Rhus roots can break through concrete LOL. I remember listening to Radio 4 gardening show and the presenter retold the story about Rhus coming up through the floor of the house - he could hardly tell the story as he was laughing so much. (psst just incase you think I don't like the plant despite it's suckering I have Rhus 'tiger eyes' in my garden.

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i love the top of your table- it looks rustic and heavy!