Thursday, 8 March 2012

EditMe wk10

Yay, this week we have an animal to edit and not just any animal mind, a bootiful horse in a bootiful pasture!
Problem is, the image was already so gorgeous I couldn't really figure out what to do with it!

Anyway the bootiful horse was submitted this week by Amy Sands  of 'Little Adventures'. Thank you Amy, I just luuuuurved this image.

Here's my edit:

  • Opened in CS5
  • Cropped and straightened the fence line a tad.
  • Cloned out the house in the background.
  • Cloned out the headcollar and leadrope.
  • Ran a couple of 'Coffee shop actions'
  • Boosted the colours even more.
  • Sharpened a teeny bit.
  • Added a Black/White/Black border.
  • Flattened the whole lot.
Like I said I really enjoyed this image.
Thank you as always to Branson for hosting this challenge and to our new co-host Stephanie, I love this weekly edit!
Thank you also to Amy for this fabulous image.
And finally Thank you to you guys for staying with me this far. If this challenge looks appealing to you then head on over to the EditMe site and join in the fun, or if you'd rather just look at all the other fabulous edits that's Ok too.

Wow, that sounded like an Oscar acceptance speech didn't it!

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Nancy said...

Thanks for the visit and the sweet comments....

I think you did a wonderful job of your edit on this looks like he has wonderful springtime sun on his back....Just makes you want to get in that pasture and give him an apple....

Kaylene said...

yes I agree your edit is great.

Amanda said...

Love your edit! Its beautiful!

Amy said...

Really Great Edit! :) so glad you enjoyed this photo Linda! :) You did great! Love the straight fence!

Marilyn said...

Very pretty edit.. lOVE your perspective.. BEAUTIFUL.. PS: your newest linky tools follower as well.. ;))