Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day!

OK, I know it's almost over already but for now, here in the UK, it's still Mothers Day and I've just spent an hour or so looking over some photos I took recently, adding watermarks and borders, downsizing them and now I'm putting them up here - all 4 of em!

I've done a couple of posts lately on a fabulous ebook by Katie Evans called 'The key to taking pictures like a professional photographer' and so I put some of that 'newfound knowledge' to the test with these piccies.

This first one is my daughters Buzzard, Darla (yep, she went through a Buffy stage many years ago lol). This poor bird was a rescue case and had been kept in a small razorwire cage, this resulted in her looking more like a chicken than a Buzzard when she got to us.

These next two are of the Camelias that are blooming in my polytunnel. I would so love to get this shrub outside where we can see it from the house but sadly it won't survive and I don't want to risk losing it, especially as this is its first year of flowering.

This next one is Huntly my Great Dane, he just luuuuurves his teddy bears. (I played around to make this one more of a HDR effect).

Thanks for looking and Happy rest of Mothers Day!
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