Friday, 30 March 2012

EditMe challenge wk13

EditMe challenge wk13

This week's guest judge is someone who has been participating in the challenge since the very start! It is Pam from Kassie's Beach. Here is a little bit more about her:

Kassie’s BeachHi, I'm Pam Bowers and I blog over at Kassie's Beach (named for my puppers Kassie and her favorite place to play). I started blogging in 2007 mostly to keep up with family and friends across the country. In 2009 I got my first dslr camera. That is when my blog started it's journey into photography. I have always had a passion for pictures. Learning how to shoot a dslr in manual was like having blinders removed from my eyes. I had no idea there was so much more to photography. It has been so much fun learning my way with many of you through your blogs both in photography and in editing.

Here is Pams SOOC image

My edit

  • Opened in CS5.
  • Cropped the image.
  • Ran a couple of Coffeshop actions.
  • Adjusted curves.
  • Adjusted vibrancy.
  • Shapened the image a tad.
  • Added a vignette and ajusted the mask.
  • Added a 30px border in Black.
Thank you as always to Branson and Stephanie for hosting this challenge. You guys do a fabulous job and I really enjoy taking part in this every week.
Thank you to Pam for the lovely image and for being guest judge.
And a big thank you to you guys for reading this far. If you think this is a challenge that you would enjoy taking part in then please head on over to the EditMe blogsite, download the image and have a go OR if you prefer then simply head on over and check out all the other awesome edits.

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