Wednesday, 14 March 2012


'The Key to taking pictures like a professional photographer' Giveaway

We all love a giveaway don't we, so I'm really chuffed to be holding my first ever giveaway right here, right now.

I recently posted a review of Katie Evans ebook 'The key to taking pictures like a professional photographer' and thought what better way to follow up on that review than to host a giveaway, so today we're offering 1 winner a copy of Katie Evans ebook.
PLUS Katie is offering a 20% discount on all purchases for 2 weeks using the code below.

I have owned many point & shoots over the years and figured a DSLR would be just as easy to use and produce better images at a click of a button  - simple as that!
Yes, I really was that naiive!
Most of my pictures that turned out half decent were basically flukes. I had no idea what all the buttons did - despite reading that 200 page in depth manual that came with the camera -  and I had no hope of understanding ISO's, Fstops, shutter speed etc.
So I bought a book and then another book and then another book and then an.........Ok you get the picture right?
All of those books lost me within the first few pages. As soon as they mention the need for multiple lenses and gravity defying tri-pods in order to take a decent picture (not to mention all the filters) I would shut the book and try to get my money back on EBay.

Katies ebook is different in many ways but for me the most important way is that it is easy to read and easy to understand.
As a visual learner I found the images in the book helped me to understand how a certain setting should look and what I need to do to get the shot I want. Katie explains every single detail we need to know to take that camera off Auto and get those professional shots.

74 pages of easy to read but detailed explanations and some superb photographs to illustrate her points and meanings.
Katie really does cover everything in this book from those o so confusing Fstops to composure to editing - it's all there.

                         DISCOUNT ALERT:- Get 20% discount on ebook and hardcopy.
                                          Use Discount Code: Coachhouse


1 lucky reader will receive a copy of Katies ebook ' The key to taking pictures like a professional photographer'.

                                                                   How to Enter:

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This giveaway will end on Friday 16th March @ 6pm GMT. Winner will be chosen at random.

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Anne said...

I would love this book!!! and this weekend I am painting furniture - AGAIN! I must be tapped...


Thanks for the chances to win!

Anne said...

I follow you on GFC

Marci Bowman said...

This book looks sweet! And this weekend... Hmmm.. Hanging with my family and enjoying the gorgeous spring weather.! Thanks!!