Thursday, 22 March 2012

Editme challenge wk12

 This week's fabulous judge is Beth from Snaps of Our Life! Here is a little bit more about her:

I am a SAHM to two girls, Lauren is 4 and Avery is 2. I love taking photos and have recently taken up the treadmill, which I do not love. I have been married nearly 5 years and we've lived in Minnesota for 4 of those years. I love to drink dark chocolate campfire mochas, and play Words with Friends on my phone. My blog is a mix of pictures and advocating for my daughter, who has Down syndrome.

Here's the SOOC
My edit:
I really enjoyed editing this image so Thank you Beth, I've had fun!
  • Opened in CS5
  • Created a copy 
  • Cropped and rotated the image and moved the crop bars around till I got the piece I wanted for a closer up image.
  • Cloned a few twigs from the image (actually I used the Spot healing brush cos I couldn't get the clone to do it properly).
  • Opened curves and played.
  • Opened HDR and played.
  • Opened a vibrancy thing by accident so played with that too.
  • I think I may have even added a warm photo filter at some point as well.
  • Added a border via canvas size. While working in canvas size I clicked on 'other colours' and used the eyedropper to pick some colour from the berries and used that as the border colour.
  • Flattened and saved.
Thank you as always to Branson and Stephanie for hosting this challenge.
Thank you to Beth for the lovely image and thank you to you guys for taking a look at my edit. If you fancy having a go or checking out the other fab edits then head on over to the EditMe blogsite and join in.

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