Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Herb planter & Fish food holder

Herb / Tomato planter & Fish food holder.

I have so many projects on the go at the moment and nothing actually finished so what's a girl to do when it comes to writing a post for her blog?
I considered doing nothing but that just felt wrong!
I considered featuring someone elses blog but I've done that so many times that it feels like that's just a lazy cop out!
I even considered posting nothing but some cute pictures of my pets but I figured maybe you guys won't be as gaga at their cuteness as their biased owner is - so what to do?

Well, I scraped the barrel - literally - and decided to show you 2 projects I did way back that may have no interest to you but then again they may.

The first is a Fish food holder.
I know, who needs one of those right? Well we did!
We have a natural mini lake here and just before we moved in we emptied the contents of our teeny weeny pond into this lake.
The fish seemed to dissappear from view and for a couple of years we didn't see them, until one day a huge Golden fish appeared, then another and then a silvery looking one followed by a load of Orange or Black Goldfish (huh, how ironic - Orange & Black Goldfish!!).
those Golden ones and the Silvery one turned out to be Koi and they were thriving in this natural pond so we bought a load more. They too thrived and we had some humongous fish that we loved to sit and watch and feed.
This is where the feed holder came in:

 scrapwood holder, fish food container

Schlepping about for fish food can be tiresome when you get to the pond and realise you've forgotten to pick it up so that's why I decided to make this holder. It means we can fill the inside container with food and then just close the lid and lock it up, it makes it so much easier to feed those fishies.

 scrapwood holder, fish food container

(excuse the state of the boat, I forgot to turn it over and now it's full of water - oops)
All made from scrapwood too as usual - yay!

Then I have this herb/flower planter to show ya!

 Herb planter, scrapwood planter, wooden planter, plant holder

You need a bit of imagination for this but originally this was 2 seperate containers.
In my never ending search for greenhouse spacesavers I came up with this idea for growing my Tomato plants.
Imagine the top container isn't there - got that?
Now imagine a couple of bamboo canes inserted through holes drilled into the upright stakes - kay?
So now we have that bottom container with the two side stakes and 2 horizontal bamboos. Next I would fill it half way up with compost and then sink 2 open bottomed plant pots into the compost. Fill the plant pots with compost and put 1 Tomato plant in each pot - perfect Tomato grower and light enough to move around as needed.
Perfect for Herbs too.

I grow Tomatoes in my PT now and use raised beds hence why I turned 2 of the Tomato grower boxes into one space saving planter.
I'm thinking upright Fuschia for the bottom and trailing Fuschia for the top - I luuuuurve Fuschia!

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