Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Wotcha Wednesday

Welcome to my very first 'Wotcha Wednesday'.

Midweek always seems to be a bit of a projectless time for me and so instead of not blogging I decided I would feature 2 - 3 projects from the bloggers that have inspired me and which I lurve to check out daily.
You may ask yourself why 'wotcha' Wednesday, well 'wotcha' is a term that is constantly in my head ever since hearing my Brother in law say it many years ago. It's a term that means many things from 'what you doing', 'what are you' to a greeting and I think it's quite a common Essex term (well it's better than my local equivalent which would be 'Ay Up').
So 'Wotcha Wednesday' it is.

Anyway enough of my slatherings lets get some of those amazingly inspirational blogs blogged about (next week I'm thinking of featuring the newbie blogs I like to follow)
Each blogs name is a direct link to the homepage but I've also included a direct link to the featured projects below each image - have fun!

'Eleven-O-One Creations'
I've loved this blog since before starting my own. It's one that I have followed for quite some time and check it out daily whenever possible.
Frans projects are full of inspiration so I hope you will enjoy her site as much as I do, but for now here's some of her goodies.

French Ironworks sign

How gorgeous is this sign? Fran has many signs on her blog which she makes from old doors and Annie Sloan Chalk Paints.

chalk paint buffet table

I know Gorgeous right!
And finally:

vintage cottage chair and desk

I love this piece of furniture. It's exactly what I'm into right now and I can only hope that one day I'm as good as Fran at producing it.

'Not Just a Housewife'

Stacy's site is another one full of inspiration and one with projects that are easy to replicate yourself without having to deviate from her instructions.
This Scrapwood lamp captured me the moment I saw it. Stacys tutorial was fantastically easy to follow and my own variation of it can be found 'here'.

scrapwood lamp

Mine doesn't look quite as pofessional as Stacys but the project was a breeze to make and very satisfying.

stencilled ceiling

How many people do you know would have the patience to do that? Not to mention how backbreaking it must have been!
I'm not brave enough to try it but I think this looks awesome!

This next idea is just genious!

Door knob towel holder

In the past I wouldn't glance twice at old door knobs, now however I think I could see them in a different light.

'Three Mango Seeds'
I regularly check out this blog. Clydia has some fabulous restoration pieces not least this little gem she picked up at auction.


It looked nothing like that before Clydia got her hands on it mind. Check out the link and see just what work it took.

Antique red dresser

This is a colour I'm getting some use of lately but I've not been so brave to use it on a larger piece of furniture. I love how this looks and I think the wording on the top is perfect.

Finally check out this banner. Clydia made it a 'just married' banner but follow her tutorial for making it and it could be used for Birthdays, Christmas, Christenings - the possibilities are endless.

'Just Married'

So there's my very first 'Wotcha wednesday'. There are so many blogs I would have liked to feature but I guess it would make for an exceptionally long post if I did them all.

Thanks for popping by, hope you enjoy the post and please make use of the links to those blogs and grab that inspiration.

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Heaven's Walk said...

Thanks for all of the great inspirational ideas and links, Linda! It was fun visiting these creative gals! :)

xoxo laurie