Tuesday, 22 November 2011

'Wotcha Wednesday' but posted on Tuesday - Oops!

It's that time of week again where I feature some of the amazing crafty blogs that either I follow or who follow me.
This week I'm featuring some of my followers because let's face it, we all love em and like to give something back to them. I'll also Tweet and FB share the featured blogs throughout the day.
So grab a featured button from the right hand side if you fancy it!

I adore this site. It's one I check out regularly and it's no wonder with goodies as gorgeous as this

Gorgeous huh!

Christmas Misletoe


Quite a talent isn't it!
Head on over to 'Lambs and Ivy designs' where you will find loads of projects by Dana plus links to Danas Flickr photostream where you can indulge in loads more of those beauties and also a link to Dana's Etsy shop.

'Garden of Decoupage'

In this blog Felicity regales all with her Decoupage technique and wonderful creations.

Christmas tray

Magazine files

Glasses case

Head on over to 'Garden of decoupage' where you will plenty of interesting Decoupage projects and techniques plus a link to Felicity's shop.

'My 1929 Charmer'

You're gonna love this one. It's full, and I mean Fuuuuuuull with loads of projects, revamps and sewing projects.
Check out this lamp. Cathy made that shade - seriously!
Who wouldn't love this right!

If only my patio could look like this (though I doubt it would survive the wind)

Leafy pillow and Cathy shows you how.

I know that little lot has intrigued you so mosey on over to 'My 1929 Charmer' where you'll find all of the above plus much much more.

Prepare to get engrossed in this blog.
Laurens blog is full of inspiration for so many different projects.

These are so popular now - no wonder, this is lovely!

We all need one of these in the garden.

I know, they're cool right! Tutorial is on the blog.

You have to take a gander at 'West Furniture Revival', it's a friendly, informative blog that you will go back to time after time.

*Note* This post is now going to show on Tuesday because I wasn't watching what I was doing and I clicked on post instead of preview - duh!

Thanks y'all for looking. Hope you enjoy the blogs featured. Come on back next week for more features.

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