Friday, 25 November 2011

Bon Appetit!

I've finally managed to finish one of my smaller projects yay!
I'm not sure where the inspiration for this piece came from because originally I wanted to use 'Bon Appetit!' in vinyl letters above a shelf with my cookbooks in the kitchen.
But me being me changed things as I went along and I decided to mount the words on a board. I was a bit concerned that vinyl letters may not adhere very well on silk Kitchen wall paint and had the same concerns about a Sharpie going directly on to the wall. Plus, I figured something moveable would be better because the kitchen is still a work in progress and knowing me I'd put it exactly where I don't want it. I'm clever like that!

So here's the finished product:
Least the towel is new!

Excuse the staging. A ruddy Yellow TeaTowel and a Tin of Biscuits! Most people would probably have staged it with fresh rolls and herbs but not me, I go for a Yellow towel and a tin of Biscuits - hmmmm wonder what Freud would say about that!

Anyway to make this little piece I cut myself a few pieces (4 to be exact) of scrap timber and attached them to a smaller piece of hardboard - glued and nailed on of course!

The back.

The front.

Then it had a good sand to get rid of rough edges and to reduce any varnish.
Then comes the best part - painting!
I used one coat of primer / undercoat mix but only because I have no other white paint left.
Once dried it was followed by a nice Red by Laura Ashley - I bought a tester pot for £3 (rip off I know). The Red was to match the Red accessories in my kitchen as much as possible.
Next I sanded it down to let the White colour through and to age the corners and edges etc - I looooove sanding!
Next came the real exciting part - the lettering. I used my laptop again as I did in 'THIS' post to trace the lettering because my printer is playing up and I keep having to heat the cartridge up before getting ink from it - so annoying!
I traced the letters on as usual by scribbling over the letters onto the board and then used a white 'Pilot' pen to trace over the lettering.
I have to say at this point that the Pilot pen was amazing, so much easier than the Sharpie and didn't fail on me once (unlike the Sharpie). The only downside is that the fluid is slightly thin so you may need to go over it a couple of times if you'rre wanting a solid letter.
I, on the other hand would be sanding it anyway so wasn't too bothered:

Cool Pilot pen

Sanded edges

Then one coat of varnish using a brush as thick as each board to help reduce brush strokes and voila!

The finished look.

It's not even in its final resting place yet because I haven't quite decided where it's going to go.
I know it looks like a Coca Cola advert and the Bon looks like Ben but I like it anyway!
Thanks for taking a look, hope you enjoy.

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