Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Wotcha Wednesday

Where did last Wednesday go??? Seems I kind of missed my brand new Wotcha Wednesday just 2 weeks into it, that can't be good huh!
Best get started with this weeks blog features hadn't I!

First this week is 'Glitter Angel Art'.
With Christmas fast approaching many of us will be scouring the tinternet for card making inspiration and I love this blog.
The cards all scream quality, check out this one:

and this one:

But it's not just cards. I think these tags are gorgeous and I so intend to make some similar:

'Kathys Waffle'

I would love to be able to produce a mini book of this quality and as Kathy gives a tutorial of how she produced it I'm figuring maybe I could....

Want to produce flowers like this? Well Kathy shows you how step by step:

Gift card/cheque wallets this time of year are a brilliant idea for those cash/book token gifts. Make this one with Christmas papers and Poinsettias and it would look fab - plus Kathy gives you the all important step by step tutorial - I love this gal!

Finally Wotcha Wednesday showcases 'Lindas work of art'.
I adore this site. The home page immediately draws you in it's so dreamy.
Thesse spellbinder tags are just amazing don't you think!

This wine bottle tag is a genius idea and IMO is an improvement on the usual bottle shape bags we use:

And finally this Christmas flower box is beautiful but check out Lindas blog to see other themed box tops:

There you go guys I hope that has given you some inspiration for your christmas paper crafting, I know I've been inspired and can only hope to produce something of this quality.
Thanks for popping by and enjoy!

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Felicity said...

Thank you for sharing! The tags are great and this Victorian style one just gorgeous!