Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Edit Me: Wk 1: 2012

Yay the 'EditMe Challenge' is back after the holiday break and boy have I missed it.

The challenge has a brand new member to the team who just so happens to also be the judge for this week. So a huge Hello to Sarah of  'Naptime MomTog' I hope you enjoy checking out all the Edits for this week and future weeks to come Sarah!
This weeks photo to edit is Sarahs son Dustyn and his adorable dog Dudley and if you head on over to her fabulous blog you will find many more gorgeous images.

My initial reaction to this photo was 'Eek, another one of someone's beloved child. Another chance to get it all wrong and possibly insult somone'. However I loved the image - who couldn't love a picture of a child and his best pal - so I figured I'll just go for it and see what happens.

Here's the SOOC

and here's my edit:

Being a New Year and all that I had promised myself that I would finally remember to write down the steps I took in my Edit, however this time I didn't record them because I really did just open the image and play.
I did open the image in CS5 though, made a background layer and then simply messed with whatever I could find to get the tone I wanted, which happened to be a bit of a HDR type thing.
I hear talk of various filters that people use for edits but I haven't a clue how to use half of those things or even where to get them from in the first place lol - Hmmmmm, maybe I should make it a goal this year to dabble and learn a bit more about editing photos.
Anyway once I had the tone I wanted I cropped the image slightly and added a Black border.
I did think about adding some wording but with my imagination being as basic as it is I just couldn't figure out what adaptation of a boy and his dog to use or where to put it. So I convinced myself it doesn't need it anyway - which it really doesn't.

Anyway there you have it. I hope you enjoyed this Edit Me Challenge, if you want to join in and have some fun editing images then mosey on over to the Edit Me blog page and you're in!
Thank you again to Sarah for the piccie and for judging and for joining the team so we all get to have such fun!

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