Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Bad Blogger award!

And the bad blogger award goes to......................................ME!
New into 2012 and I'm already lapsing on the blogging. It's not on purpose though, I just don't have a project finished and edited ready for sharing with y'all yet!
So I figured that instead I would treat you all to a couple of goodies I recently found whilst foraging in the deep dark depths of my husbands shed but first I am going to share some other pictures with you.

I recently discovered that I tend to moan a fair bit about the cold weather here in the Highlands. The lack of amenities here(this means literally everything) and the barrenness of the area is usually top of the list of my rantings, however, I was recently looking through some of the piccies I have taken in the locality and was reminded that while we may not have perfect hammock weather (though I do have one cos you never know...) or a cinema or fast food places or decent shops or even a decent bus service (think I'm losing the point here) we DO have this:

Mountains and rugged landscape.

The beaches are amazingly clean, pure sand and Blue waters. (though the weather is always too crap to go in it)

Mountains galore! they're covered in snow all winter.

And that's just the start of it. Next time I'll show you the harbours, the lighthouses and the sunsets.
I'm lucky really aren't I!

And just to brighten up these gloomy, cold winter days here's a couple of lovely bright flowers to cheer us all up.



See, brighter and cheerier already huh!
Now for those couple of goodies I found in the hubbys shed:

OK it's a tad crappy and beaten up and well..........knackered looking but surely there's some life left in it?
I haven't a clue how to go about restoring it but I'm thinking Cream colours for the outside and some gorgeous contrasting colour inside.
Any ideas where to start? And what the heck do I do to all that rusty metalwork?
Unfortunately one snap lock is missing and although I found the twin to this in another part of the dungeon shed it was even more beaten up and had no locks intact at all.
So let me know what you think as I've not got a clue where to start.

Now look at this beauty

Maybe "beauty" isn't the most accurate of descriptions but it could be couldn't it?
This is an exceptionally heavy old safe that my husband was given while working for a post office. We hauled this thing across country determined it was going to get a makeover and then was going to get pride of place under the stairs in our new home. 8 years later we move into our new home, get ready for the makeover and ...........................lose the ruddy key!
This fabulous safe is now destined to sit in the depths of the abyss forever. I've tried everything I can think of to trace the makers of the safe but nada, nothing!
Not even sure a locksmith could do much with it without rendering it useless.
Still, I've not given up all hope just yet. One day.............

So thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed looking. Pop back again soon, I promise I'll try to be a better blogger from now on.


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Felicity said...

What a great post, Linda! You have absolutely gorgeous countryside pictures, lovely flowers, future exciting project and locked treasure! Shame the key is lost!
If you want your suitcase to be just decorative piece or kind of storage I think you can just clean it thoroughly, use some rust remover on the metalwork and paint it over. It looks a sturdy piece! What is a lining - fabric or paper? I would make a new fabric lining of a loose shape, fixing it to the frame only on the edges and some more points, not rigid anyway, much easier to make. I am sure you will get more advices on restoring this lovely piece! Good luck with your new project!