Friday, 27 January 2012

EditMe challenge Wk4

This weeks guest judge and adorable baby photo provider is Ashley Sisk of  'Ramblings and Photos' . If you are an avid photographer and want to get the hang of editing those photos you've taken that you feel could do with a little 'tweak' or even a complete leg removal then you need to check out Ashleys blog. I have and believe me when I say that the tutorials are A.mazing!

Here is the very adorable SOOC image

and here's my edit

 ahley sisk, editme challenge, photo challenge, sooc

  • Opened the image in CS5
  • Used the Coffeeshop vintage clipping frame mask
  • Used a texture already on my puter.
  • messed around with the opacity of all the layers.
  • Oversharpened the image.
  • Saved the image before I started over again for the 9th time in 2 hours!

As always I want to thank the hosts of the EditMe challenge for taking the time to make these challenges a joy to take part in.

Thanks to you guys for also for taking the time to read this. Head on over to the EditMe website 'here' to check out the other entries and/or have a dabble yourself and also check out Ashleys blog 'here' for a whole load of help and inspiration.


Annette said...

The antique edging gives it a nice feel!

Ashley Sisk said...

I like how your edit has a bit of a vintage postcard drive. Great work.