Tuesday, 24 January 2012


This blog has never been intended to be a diary so I promise you I won't let days like these become too frequent, however I have a need to put something down that people will see which will hopefully inspire me to stick to my 'goal'.
You see I have been 'fighting the flab' for some years now. I was always skinny and active as a teenager/young adult and until now have always blamed excused my weight gain as a side effect of carrying twins............21 years ago!
I've finally, after years of crash dieting, admitted that bearing children has nothing to do with my weight gain and even less to do with what I put in my mouth now.
I am addicted to chocolate - there I admitted it, and THAT is what has caused the weight gain. Well that and the fact that I can eat till I feel sick, rest a while and then eat a ton more - it's quite disgusting really.
Thing is I've finally had enough! Last night I ate yet another huge bar of Chocolate and felt sick beyond belief, I then started on a huge bag of Jelly Tots - I do not seem to be able to grasp the concept of putting sweets aside for another day!
Problem is I had another episode of heart palpitations after all that sugar and I really understood how out of control this has got.

So on that note (and the fact that my weight loss at Slimming World this week will be zero) I made a decision.
Take control Linda!
Weight loss will be a bonus but I am sick of feeling bloated and achey all the time, this weight has to come off, but how?
Well Slimming World is fabulous, I lost 1 1/2st last year (though xmas saw 10lb back on) but I've stopped all my exercise including running and walking.

Running is going to be my best mate this year - plus it exercises the dogs - and one of my daughters has asked to run with me (once the nights are lighter though as she leaves for college in the dark & comes back in the dark at the mo)and we are entering the Loch Ness 10k in September - yay!
I entered this 10k in 2010 and made an appalling time of 1hour 17 minutes despite me 'thinking' I had run all the way (I'd probably more likely jogged), and this was also a worse time than my Castle of Mey 10k run where I'd walked a lot!

I can't believe I'm sharing this picture with you as it's hideous but I need to be reminded of why I want to lose weight.

yup, 3 chins, Arnie arms and a whole plethora of ripples. Gotta go my friends!

Anyway, that is what I needed to put on my blog for all to see. Once training has started I will probably add the odd update and include a few piccies just to keep me going but I promise it will not turn into a weight loss/running diary.

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Full Circle Creations said...

You are not alone! I applaud you for your willingness to put it out there and keep it real. Good luck on your journey. Keep us informed of your progress. YOU CAN DO IT!