Thursday, 1 December 2011

Family name sign

I started this project ages ago but the busier I got with other projects the more this one was set aside.
Originally I had included our family name within a piece of Typography as wall art, but that piece of wall art bugged the hell out of me because no one could actually read what it said and I got sick of having to clarify it. Plus I really did not like the way it had turned out anyhow, looking back I rushed it because my mum was staying for a while and I wanted it finished.
Every time I came across the thing it really irritated me, not only did people struggle to read it but the letters were all over the place and just didn't look right, also the script was just soo squirly.
OK, here's the link, just please don't judge me, it honestly wasn't my fault. Ok it was my fault but at least I can admit when I've made a complete farce of something.

Anyway where am I leading with this? Weeeeeell basically I redid that awful Typography and it's sooooo much better now (I'll repost it soon) but this time I put more thought into word placement  and omitted the family name part.
So I needed to make a new family name plate didn't I!

I really wanted to use a drawer front as I wanted a smooth finish with chamferred edges but I'd used up all my stash on other crap projects.
I then decided I could use some old wooden fence boards (as ya do) and convinced myself I really didn't mind the sanding involved.
This board was seriously grotty. I mean seeeeeeriously grotty!. It was extremely weathered, green and covered in pretty disgusting moss, plus it smelt a bit funky too!

Very weathered!
This beauty took some serious sanding I can tell you. But I'm too lazy to get out the electric sander so I did it all by hand - the smell was something else!
Once I'd got it looking presentable I gave it one coat of Patio Paints in Wrought Iron Black and then one coat of undercoat purely because I'd ran out of White paint and this undercoat was White (ya gotta learn how to get round these things huh!)
Once it had dried it was then that I decided I didn't want the naff rough look of this wood and that the split that had appeared from the left hand edge meant the project was a disaster.  So I shelved it!
Weeks later I came back to it and figured I'd give it a go, finish it and see what I thought of it then.
So I gave it 2 coats of Cream Emulsion paint and then went at it with the sand paper, sanding just enough to bring the black paint through as well as the White.
Guess what! I loved it! This rough wood gave it a whole different effect from smooth wood and that split just added to the effect - how chuffed was I!
As for the Typography I just did my usual trick - opened up CS5, typed the words, jiggled with fonts, traced from the back lit screen of the laptop, turned the tracing over and copied the front to the back and then  scribbled over the words on the front of the sign.
Then all I had to do was go over the letters with a Sharpie! BUT, I'm sick of Sharpie because they tend not to like this paint and just won't work properly. But I had no Black Pilot pen to hand so I then got stroppy! Once I'd had my hissy fit followed by a Nanny Nap I remembered my daughter storing her inks of many colours in my craft room. Why do that if you don't want to share right?
So I borrowed a bottle of her Black Calligraphy ink and a very thin artist brush too (Eek!) and traced the letters. Sorted!
This is now my favourite way of going over traced letters, it's so easy and so much better than a Sharpie.

Sorry it's a crappy angle but it's not actually situated where I wanted it. It was supposed to be propped up on my newly finished hallway table BUT hubby decided that was stupid! Yes, he did use those words!!! And figured it was better on the wall which I begrudgingly had to admit was probably a better place as it looks quite good there.
However I aint a tall girlie and I'm too lazy to get a chair or something else to stand on so I used the staircase but this meant the angles squiffy!

Thanks for popping by and taking a peek at my projects. have a scout around if you have time, if not then pop by again some time and/or leave a comment - I love getting them and do try to return mail to all.


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