Wednesday, 28 December 2011

New Year, New You?

With the Christmas festivities all but over and the New Year looming have you settled on your New Year resolutions? Do you even bother with them?

I haven't bothered over the last couple of years because they all ended up the same way - broken and failed!
Don't get me wrong, I would start out with every intention of following them no matter how ridiculously unatainable some of them were. Determination was going to see them through!
BUT determination can be fleeting and hard to reaquire once you lose it, so I figured I would be better off not putting myself through the depression of failure in the first place. Now, if I'd given myself a goal that was actually realisitic and not as difficult as taking a star from the sky then who knows.............

Fast forward to this New Years. I've decided my attitude toward these 'resolutions' has been my biggest downfall, negativity doesn't actually breed success does it!
So my 'resolutions' have turned into 'goals' - see how much more positive even the word change is!
A 'resolution' can be broken on day 2 if you fail to stick to that diet, or fail to be more positive or fail at whatever other aim you've given yourself, but a 'goal' is simply that - a 'goal'. It merely states something you want to achieve and cannot be broken by one relapse because you can still achieve that goal.

So, my goals for 2012 are simple and achievable and because they're 'goals' I have the entire year to achieve them.
1) Lose weight. I lost 1 1/2 stone this year (though I suspect I have eaten that loss over xmas) and I am going to go back to Slimming World and lose the rest of my 'excess' weight.
2) Running. Back in 2009 I ran my first ever 10k - The Castle of Mey 10k - in a ridiculous time. I hadn't been running long (a few months) but even so, I expected a better time that 1hr 16mins. I then ran The Loch Ness 10k that year in a slower time. Negative mental attitude and all that. This year I want to run The Castle of Mey 10k in 1hr 06mins. My main problem is that I am not a natural runner. I was not born with grace (that went to my little sister). In fact I have as much grace as an elephant in a tutu and to make matters worse I don't like running! I like it when I'm doing it but the thought of it just makes me shiver and quiver so I guess I better get started.
3) Make time to transform my garden. After 8 years of not being able to do anything due to building etc I need to get the garden looking half decent.
4) Make a few crafting goodies to sell. This has no plan to it at the moment so I need to get googling some research.

And that's it! All doable and attainable. Though perhaps I should have added good mental attitude to that list as I am very much a cup half empty kind of girl.

So what do you guys have planned, if anything?


lambs and ivy designs said...

I love your new attitude!!!

I will support your new years goals from across the pond in my nightgown eating ice cream in front of my laptop!!

No, really..supporting you 100%!!!


Shirley said...

Linda, goals is such a better idea than resolutions for the very reasons you gave. As to the running, I'd rather just walk fast. Running is an ugly word for me and the only good reason for running is something is after me. Your blog is fantastic and look forward to coming and checking out more of your amazing accomplishments.