Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Wotcha Wednesday

I say it every week but time flies!
I've been busy with xmas decorations this week and still haven't managed to get a wreath made. I have access to so many goodies such as Willow, Holly etc etc so I'm determined to finally give it a go this year but I suspect that by the time I get one done it'll be time to take them all back down again!

This weeks Wotcha Wednesday is featuring some of the card blogs I love, simply because I have spent more time on these sites over the last few days than anything else!
I love making my own cards and after 8 years of having no room to do it I have been so looking forward to getting stuck in now I have a dedicated room for it.
However,,,,,,,, every attempt so far has resulted in disaster. I don't have stashes of all the new fandangled toppers and papers and my Cricut machine is on the blink because the carriage drags and cuts the paper in the wrong place. The nice people at Cricut have suggested I buy a new one - complete machine that is, not just a new carriage! Wouldn't mind but this machine isn't even all that old.
Anyway, I digress, again! (I have a habit of doing that. So much going round in my head that it comes out all bojangled!)
So I've been scouting blogs to cheat for inspiration. So far I've found heaps of that but still haven't produced one decent card.
Today is the day though, I can feel it in my waters! And I'll blog the results when they're done!

'Janey's cards'

Soooo love this one!

This is what i wish I could produce.

For something other than xmas - lookit!

I know you'll agree those samples are gorgeous so if you want to see more you know what to do. Head on over to Janey's cards where she has collections of cards all categorised for easy looking and so much more besides.

'Cute card Thursday'

This blog is more of a place where card makers / crafters go to show off their amazing talents in a challenges, because of this it is full to the brim with ideas and inspiration to get you going!

By 'Kathrin'

By ' Kathrin'
By 'Wynneth'

Gorgeous huh! Well mosey on over to Cute Card Thursday and be prepared to be A.mazed!

'Rainy days Creations'

Susan is a true paper crafting addict (to quote herself lol)

Such a professional finish.

I never would have thought to use background papers like that! See I have no imagination!

Simple but gorgeous!

Susan has many how to's for the alot of the cards she has made so if you lack inspiration like me saunter on over to Rainy Day creations and learn from Susan.

Thank you to each blogger I have featured. Your blogs have seriously inspired me and will continue to do so over the coming New Year - who knows maybe I'll even enter a few challenges next year!

Thank you to those of you taking the time to check out my blog. I hope you were inspired by this weeks 'Wotcha Wednesday' and happy card making to you all!


Felicity said...

I am not in a cardmaking, but these cards are lovely, so different and just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

Susan (rainy) said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Linda! Lovin' the other cards that you found.. the coloring/shading on the little guy with the stocking is absolute perfection!