Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Imagine how excited I was last week when hubby and I decided to travel down to my mums to help her move. No matter that we would be travelling 500 miles south towing an empty trailer (full on the way back mind), I was getting to go home to England and would have so many photo opportunities on the journey that I was simply giddy!
I made sure every camera had a full battery plus backup and took along a DSLR and 2 P&S, no way was I going to suffer from the usual 'low battery' warning, nope not this well organised girlie!
However I have one of those husbands that insists he prefers to drive long distances at night so guess what photo opportunities I actually got on the way down - yup none, nothing, nada! Triffic huh - so much for organising!

Still I got to go home - yay! I cared not about the endless gridlock of traffic (something we do not suffer with here in Caithness), nor the mist that actually turned out to be smog and I could even tolerate the parking charges (something else we do not suffer from in Caithness) because I have missed England a whole heap these last few years.
If I could pick up and take what we have here back to England (i.e mortgage free house, land, the beach, forests, clean air, no traffic) I would. I miss my family and I miss civilisation.
BUT I can't do that so we'll stay put I guess though I imagine the clean air, the beaches etc etc will go some way to alleviate my missing of England lol. Though if we could just have some warm weather I'd be so much happier.

OK you want piccies not a a sob story huh! So lookie at this Queen Anne style chair

Gorgeous isn't it?
OK maybe the fabric is a bit ghastly but just imagine it reupholstered in something like one  of these

I just can't wait to get going on it.
I also got a large pouffe that is going to be recovered to match. Excited!

And what about these books?

I saved a fair few old books as it semed so sad to let them go.
The bottom one in the picture is one my mum was given in the forties, it's 'Alice in Wonderland' and if we just take a peek inside you'll see the gorgeous colour plates

I love it! It's now sitting in place on my dresser with the Poem book and 'Lita'

How ruddy cute is that? 'Charlie Bears' rock!!

I also got a wooden rolling pin that had been my nans. I know, I know a rolling pin may seem a silly thing to keep but it it had some burn marks on it that have a story behind them and I just couldn't let it go. I'm looking for ideas for what to do with it - I do not need another rolling pin lol.
I also managed to reinherit all those gifts that I'd bought mum over the years from holidays abroad - eek!  So I now have plenty more craft projects to get going with despite having several on the go already.

Anyway thanks for listening, come back soon as the next project will be some shabby shelves made from a drawer and a charity shop side board makeover.

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