Sunday, 6 May 2012

Spring has Sprung

We may be a tad behind the rest of the UK up here in the Scottish Highlands when it comes to the arrival of Spring, however snouting around in the garden today I noticed that some of the plants are well and truly bursting into growth - how joyful!
Mind you, we could easily be hit with a week of snow which will kill everything off but at least i got some piccies of the pretty flowers

This is Saxifrage and it's absolutely plastered with gorgeous pink flowers. Plus, this is amazingly easy to grow - I got fed up planting plants one time so I simply left this one on top of the gravel, no planting at all, and it has romped away.

 saxifrage, pink saxifrage, saxifrage flowers

This next one is that dreaded Gorse. Most of the year I hate the stuff with a vengeance, it's a self seeding giant of a plant that is nigh on impossible to get rid of and has spikes that hurt at the slightest touch, and if one of those spikes really gets you it leaves a black mark that hurts for days. This stuff will pierce pretty much all body armour!

gorse, gorse bush, gorse flower

The Gunnera! Gunnera Manicata to be exact! Love it!
I used to grow this plant in a big container when we had a small garden and thought it looked amazing. I really didn't think it would survive up here right next to the coast but a day trip to Dunrobin castle proved it would. They had the stuff growing in their grounds and it was moosive, I mean the leaves were a good 6ft each.
Now we have some land I have 2 clumps of Gunnera in the ground right next to the pond and each year they are just going to get bigger and bigger - yay!
This year I am hoping to take a concrete cast of one of the leaves like *this*. I'm also going to try it with some Hosta leaves.

Gunnera, Gunnera manicata, Gunnera leaf

In the polytunnel the fruit trees have flowered profusely and it looks like we're set to have a bumper crop of Apples, Pears, Cherries, Plums and Figs.
The Bees were very busy on the trees when I took this photo and as I'm learning to work through my fear of all things buzzy I took loads of close up pictures, sadly I only ever managed to get the arse end though - oh well!

Apple blossom, blossom, golden delicious

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Sarah said...

Off to go reasearch if I can get me some of that Saxifrage! Gorgeous!!