Thursday, 27 September 2012

Happy Anniversary

I went through a faze earlier this year determined to make birthday and anniversary cards myself rather than buying them, after all I do love making them.  I get a bit cheesed off that I don't have the fancy fandangled machines that produce the perfect edges and shapes (even my straight cutter is dodgy now and I have to resort to a craft knife for cutting) but I've discovered ways of achieving the look I want with the few tools I have.
One day I will replace my broken Cricut and I'll purchase some nice card & paper and some of those lovely accessories plastered over Create & Craft tv, but for now I'll cope.

This is a card I made in July for my Sister & her husbands 25th wedding anniversary


These things never turn out quite how I imagined simply because I never know what card and paper I'm gonna use till I get going - I never plan ahead!

The stamp is from LOTV and I coloured it using my Promarkers.
The paper with the heartswas basically shoved through my sewing machine for that effect.
The flowers are the best part for me. I basically cut 3 flower shapes from Mulberry paper and followed an online tutorial to make the bigger ones and then cut strips of Mulberry paper and turned it as i rolled it to make the smaller ones.
The hat pins are simply glass bead sewing pins with jewellery findings glued on with my trusty 'Fixsall' glue.
The squirly wire is just that - thin craft wire wrapped round a pen for the shape and then glued on with 'fixsall'.

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