Tuesday, 30 August 2011

To brighten a crappy day!

Since the weather has been sooooo bad here over the last few days (though we have it easy compared to the States at the moment) I've not really been able to work on my current projects (Too damp, nothing dries). So, I've been looking through my photo albums and thought these bright pictures I took may just bring a smile to someones face.

I don't remember the name of this one but I took this at 'Dunrobin Castle'

I can't really decide if the bug ruins or makes the picture? Another 'Dunrobin' flower anywho.

A pond lily. We have a few different ones growing on our mini lake but I've not been brave enough to don the waders and get out to the prettier ones - yet! We do have a paddle boat but wobbles and leaky boats are not conducive to a good photo are they! Plus we only have one oar!!!!!!!
I did manage once on a blow up dinghy but that's a whole other hilarious (for others) nightmare (for me) story - maybe one day!

A Passion flower. I grew this one year but it only survived the one year, it's just too windy here next to the sea.

Here's to hoping that the weather improves just a tad so I can work on my current project - computer station morphed into a dressing table.
Keep an eye out on here for before, during and after photos - yes, I finally remembered to photograph the process - and see what you think.

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