Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Feature showcase

Well this is a tad awkward! I'm so busy outside while the weather is so mild that I haven't had a chance to get my crafty on (insert sad face). So what's a girl to do when she has followers that she wants to keep but has no crafty goodness to offer? Should I recycle an old post? Well initially it did sound like a good thought but then that just feels naughty and like I'm making no effort. So instead I am going to showcase some crafty goodies that are floating around the blogosphere at the moment that I think are inspirational or just down right dandy.

First up is Julie from 'belle maison'. Julies blog is full of inspirational DIY & furniture makeovers ranging from some fabulous chic red chairs to an entertainment armour transformed to a home office.
Seriously Julies blog is full of inspiration and with plenty of giveaways thrown into the mix, however if there is one item that I am totally and utterly head over heels for it has to be the headboard and footboard she transformed into a loveseat - this is so not my usual 'thing' but I want this

How gorgeous is that!  Take a trip over to 'belle maison' you will not be disappointed.

Kristen over at 'Farmstyle studio'  describes herself as "completely self taught and constantly striving to implement new techniques and looks to keep with current design trends" and her furniture revivals are completely up my street.
Take a look at this Beechwood dresser

I adore this and this is exactly what I wish I had the imagination to achieve. But basically I don't!

Finally I just had to include 'How to recycle'.
'How to recycle' state that their mission is "to assure safe and sanitary disposal of solid waste in every community and to reduce reusable or renewable wastes from entering landfills."
This is what initially caught my eye 
How cool is that - a wine cork chair! certainly better than going to landfill.
They also have recycled vehicles, paper and egg cartons. Go take a look and be inspired to recycle some weird stuff! 

I promise there will be some crafty goodies of my very own on here soon but for now I hope those were tantalising enough for you guys.


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