Thursday, 26 April 2012

EditMe challenge wk17

EditMe Challenge Wk17

I've missed the last couple of challenges but I simply couldn't resist getting back into the swing of it with this weeks image.

Our guest judge this week is Diane from Butterflies In Time Photography. Here is a little bit more about her...

Hi, My name is Diane O’Connor and I share my photography work at Butterflies In Time Photography.  Truth be told, photography is not my main profession (not yet anyway) but I do have a never-ending craving to be creative in everything I do.   Although I only began to seriously delve into photography in 2011, my husband encouraged me long before this to do “something creative”.  Well, after much contemplation, I bit the bullet and here I am and I absolutely love it!  I truly am a diehard photo-enthusiast who takes pictures of everything (and I mean everything!), wherever I go.

Here's Dianes image:

and here's what I did with it:

  •  Opened in CS5.
  • Created a background copy.
  • Used a tool (sorry don't know the name of it) that let me select parts of the image to seperate from the background. This took me an age because I'm not familiar with this tool.
  • Inverted the selected flowers and deleted the background.
  • Cloned some of the leaf edges that had been made messy due to the previous action.
  • Added 3 different textures and set each one to Multiply.
  • Messed about with the opacity of each action until I got what I wanted.
  • Created a 30 pixel border via canvas size.
  • Flattened the image.
Well, thanks for checking this out.
Thank you as always to Brandy & Stephanie for hosting the challenge.
If you fancy having a go at the challenge then mosey on over to the EditMe blogsite and join in.
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