About me

Who am I?:

Hmm well I'm 40 years old, I've been married to my soul mate Wayne, for 21 years and we have 20 year old twin girls. We live on a bit of land in the Scottish Highlands with our 5 dogs, 3 cats, 4 Hens and numerous Birds of Prey - All of which will no doubt make an appearance on this blog at some point.
We've just moved in to our new home built completely by Wayne and after 8 years of living on site in what can only be described as .....erm.....sheds, it's now bliss to have a full sized bathroom!
Plus I have a blank canvas for all those creatives juices to work on.

My crafting:

I am craft mad (a gene inherited from my mum I think), whether it be papercrafts, garden crafts or furniture craft. I get a real buzz from making an old, tatty piece of furniture into something useable.
I lurve to craft on a budget too and I absolutely loathe buying anything so if I find inspiration for something I like I will try to produce my version of it with the materials I have to hand. Luckily for me Wayne is a builder and has a whole plethora of tools, scrap wood, nails, screws etc etc so I can usually find something that works.
Guess I married into the right trade!

Other Hobbies:

Besides all the above I really enjoy Photography, Horses, Gardening, Polytunnel growing and Dogs.