Thursday 17 December 2015

Christmas decor

This is the first christmas for me and my husband without both our daughters living at home, they both moved out with boyfriends earlier in the year and at 24 years of age I guess I had a good inning holding on to them for that long.
They'll be round for christmas and hopefully will stay christmas eve so I'm super glad of that however I'm finding myself looking forward to christmas being over. I'm not usually such a bah humbug but I am so looking forward to summer and am done with this weird weather that cannot decide whether it's going to rain, snow or be sunny so does all of them in one day. Actually if I could I would much prefer to be on a plane jetting off to the caribbean right about now.

I haven't gone so overboard with decorations this year either, I'm kind of over the tinsel and as many sparkles as possible - it always looks great for a few weeks but I hate having to put it all away in the new year.
I did make a sled though - yay! I've wanted to make a sled for indoors for a few years now but never really got round to it, sorted it this year though. I saw a nice looking sled on Pinterest and got a few other ideas and came up with this

I also pimped up this old pair of figure skates that I bought off Ebay. All I did was spray adhesive to the bottom of them and the blades and rolled them in fake snow and then added some ribbon and a xmas pick.

Then I made some snowballs from spare tree baubles using the same method - spray adhesive and then rolled them in fake snow.

This hat I picked up from Ebay for a couple of pounds and pimped it up to look snowy.

A few Poinsettias in a jug and some xmas blocks I made a few years ago.


Lily Allen said...

Gorgeous card love the layout and your colouring of the image is fabulous.
remove background

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