Thursday, 15 September 2011

I'm lurving this - Edit me : week 18 : Ferris wheel.

">I've had so much fun with this weeks photo, provided by Kathryn of 'our tiny big life'.
I really wanted to do something fun with such a fun picture and at first wanted to turn it into a night time shot with the wheel and lights all lit up, however I just couldn't get my head round it so I decided that turning it into a jigsaw would be just dandy!

Here's the original shot

and here's my jigsaw

I spent a fair while on this image as making jigsaws is apparantly harder than you'd think! However I'll try to dilute the steps down a little or else this will take pages and pages.
First I opened the image in CS2 and created a background copy.
I didn't touch the colour etc  as I felt the colours were vivid and accurate enough already for what I wanted.
Next I created a new layer and filled the background white.
Then I opened the Filter box, went to texturiser and opened the Puzzle filter (this had to be imported from the Filters file in the Photoshop folder in the guts of my system (getting confusing huh!)
Once I had the Puzzle filter on the screen I dabbled with the controls to get the largest pieces I could and set the light to 'top right'.
Next the really cool part. I decided I'd like to remove some of the pieces altogether but also set some aside on top of the puzzle to look like an unfinished puzzle.
So I selected the Pen tool and traced the outline of one piece, then accepted the cut out, clicked on new layer - layer via cut and renamed the layer piece 1.
I then hit CTRL & T to transform the piece and be able to move it to the side, rotate it etc. Next go to layer style and drop shadow and change the dials until you get what you're looking for - I basically had Opacity @ 80, angle 160 and the others at whatever took my fancy (though try to keep each piece the same).
To delete each piece I again used the pen tool to select the piece and hit delete.
Each piece of the puzzle that was moved (not deleted) has it's own layer.
Finally flatten the image.

And that was basically it though it took me a couple of hours.
I have to thank Kathryn for such a great image. I was dissapointed with myself with last weeks entry and could have kicked myself for even entering it. Whatever possessed me to turn an interesting farmhouse into a boring, bog standard nothing by removing the most interesting part of it is still beyond me, however I've loved this weeks challenge a whole heap, so Thank you Kathryn!

Check out: 'EDIT ME, WEEK 18'. for all other entries and a fabulous website 'My reflection of something'.

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